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Online Checking Accounts for PA Businesses

At Presence Bank, we have but one goal — to help your finances prosper. Our banking services cover personal and business accounts alike, offering a safe and available place for you to store your money, whether it’s one dollar or one million. 

We make banking easy with our completely online signup and banking process. Applying for an account takes 60 seconds. Once you do so, your small business will be ready to take advantage of some of the best business banking features in Pennsylvania.

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Business Checking

Start your company’s finances off right with Presence Bank’s basic online business checking account. With no minimum balance requirement, you can sign up immediately and add funds to your account as needed. With a free transaction allowance, your small business will have everything it needs to manage day-to-day operations.

Business Gold Checking

Take things to the next level with Business Gold Checking, the subsequent tier of our business checking for small business accounts. Get everything that comes with the Business Checking account along with industry-leading interest rates and more features that will help your brand thrive.

Our Business Convenience Services

However you decide to bank with Presence, our PA business checking accounts come with a range of convenience services that help you secure all your finances in one place. Take advantage of options like:

  • Online and mobile banking: Even if you’re not always on the clock, your business is. Stay ahead of your finances with online and mobile banking, even when you’re across the world from your business headquarters.
  • eStatements: You’ll get an eStatement delivered to your account each month detailing every transaction you’ve made. Access it through online and mobile banking.
  • Purchasing cards: Consolidate your finances and manage your money easily with credit and purchasing cards connected directly to your account. Say goodbye to receipts and reimbursements!
  • Merchant services: Keeping up with the times means offering many ways to pay — cash, card and mobile pay are all vital services to enhance your profits. Through our third-party merchant services vendor, you can improve point-of-sale operations and bring in new loyal customers.
  • ICS® service: As your brand grows, keeping your money safe becomes more important than ever. Our high-value customers will receive access to extra protection through Insured Cash Sweep services.
  • Check deposit and protection: Deposit checks to your account anytime, anywhere with our remote deposit capture machine. Then, send your workers the money they’ve earned securely through positive paycheck protection that helps you stand firm against fraud.

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Business Checking

Business Checking is straightforward and simple. With no minimum balance, and a generous free transaction allowance, this account is perfect for your small business needs.

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Business Gold Checking

Experience a new way to bank your business through Business Gold Checking — with gold-plated interest rates and a generous free transaction allowance.

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Commercial Analysis

Larger businesses with a higher number of banking transactions will benefit from earnings credit features of the Commercial Analysis account, used to offset transaction fees and maximize your excess cash for greater returns.

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Escrow Manager

Escrow Manager takes the hassle out of holding client funds in escrow — simplify accounting procedures, minimize administrative burdens, establish master with separate disbursement accounts, and manage individual accounts collectively.

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IOLTA Checking

IOLTA Checking provides a convenient way for law firms to hold nominal client funds. As a Platinum Leader Bank recognized by the Pennsylvania IOLTA board, we surpass eligibility requirements by paying a premium yield on IOLTA accounts, which results in more funding for legal aid. Presence Bank also makes it easy to manage these short-term client funds properly, including distribution of interest, automatic proof of payment and receipts for business records and tax reporting.

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Not-For-Profit Checking

We know that as a not-for-profit organization, your needs may be more unique than a for-profit business. With no minimum balances, a tiered interest structure, and low transaction costs, Not-for-Profit Checking is designed to give more back to our communities.

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Not-For-Profit Analysis Checking

This account allows not-for-profits with higher banking transaction volumes to choose between a tiered interest structure or earnings credit that offsets transaction costs. Not-for-Profit Analysis Checking is designed to give more back to our communities with its unique features.

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Municipal Checking

With no minimum balances, a tiered interest structure, and low transaction fees, Municipal Checking provides complete access to funds and liquidity, with minimal complexities.

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Municipal Analysis Checking

This account allows municipalities with higher banking transaction volumes to choose between a tiered interest structure or earnings credit that offsets transaction costs. Municipal Analysis Checking is designed to have less costs for your taxpayers with its unique features.

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Compare Business Checking Services


Business Checking

Business Gold Checking Commercial Analysis IOLTA Checking
Minimum Opening Deposit Requirement $110.00  $100.00  $1,000.00  $100.00
Minimum Balance to Avoid Fees $0.00 $1,000.00 Not Applicable $0.00
Monthly Maintenance Fee None $10.001 $15.00 $0.00
Interest Structure None

$0.00 – $4,999.99
$5,000.00 – $99,999.99
$100,000.00 – $149,999.99
$150,000.00 – $199,999.99
$200,000.00 – above

Earnings Credit2 $0.01 – $4,999.99
$5,000.00 – $9,999.99
$10,000.00 – above
Transaction Fees (excluding ACF & Online Bill Pay Transactions)  First 300 Items Free Thereafter, $0.40 per Item First 300 Items Free Thereafter, $0.40 per Item Determined Based on Activity Free Unlimited Items
Fees for Non-Presence Bank ATMs Reimbursed up to $15.00 / Month3 Reimbursed up to $15.00 / Month3 Not Available Not Available
Debit Card & Purchasing Card Yes Yes Yes Not Available
Paper Statement Free Free Free Free
  Get Rates Get Rates Get Rates Get Rates
  Open An Account Open An Account Open An Account Open An Account

1 Earnings credit is applied to offset applicable transaction and service fees.

2 As noted per account, fees charged by the ATM owner will be calculated at the end of every month and reimbursed up to $15.00. Please contact a local branch for current rates and fees applicable to each account. Fees may reduce earnings.

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