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Whether you need to get a new idea off the ground or propel an existing business forward, a small business loan from Presence Bank can help you get there. We support small businesses across Pennsylvania with commercial loans for expansion, equipment, working capital and other projects.

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A Bank That’s on Your Side

Securing the necessary business funding can be tricky, especially for first-time business owners. You’ll need a lender who wants you to succeed. At Presence Bank, we strive to help our customers prosper. Our professionals will take the time to learn about your needs and goals and help you find the right kind of loan for your situation. Our options for Pennsylvania small business loans include:

Term Loans

Like many consumer loans, term loans give you a lump sum upfront, repaid over a specific timeframe. They offer predictable payments for easier budgeting. 

Equipment Loans

If you need to buy equipment, such as large appliances or machinery, consider an equipment loan. Since the equipment you purchase works as collateral, these loans are sometimes easier to qualify for.

Business Lines of Credit

While not technically a loan, a business line of credit gives you access to revolving credit you can borrow from whenever you need to, up to your limit. Once you pay it off, you can use it again, making a line of credit good for flexible needs, like unexpected costs and seasonal demands.

Our Pennsylvania Small Business Loans

With a range of options and experienced representatives, our loans help small businesses throughout Pennsylvania meet their goals. Projects can range from basic business expenses to grand plans to transform your organization.

Here are some ways small businesses use our competitive commercial loans:

  • Buying vehicles or equipment: Add a fleet of specialized vehicles to serve your customers, upgrade that old refrigerator in the kitchen or buy a new piece of construction equipment.
  • Obtaining working capital: Whether you’re preparing for growth or responding to a lull in business, a boost to working capital with a small business loan can help keep things moving.
  • Expanding your organization or acquiring others: Ready to add a new location, buy a business or build your team? Small business loans are ideal for funding expansion efforts.
  • Remodeling your premises: A small business loan can give you the necessary capital for updating or renovating a building. Give yourself a professional work environment for the best chance of success and a better customer experience.
  • Increasing your inventory: You can’t make a profit if you don’t have anything to sell. A small business loan can help you acquire new inventory and make progress toward your goals.

Whatever you use your loan for, you can expect attentive, knowledgeable service from the commercial banking team at Presence Bank.

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